Dora Photography Studio

STUDIO RENTAL - the studio is unavailable for the rest of the year

Dora Photography Studio is a 1000 square feet photo studio equipped with the latest in lighting technology and high-end photography equipment including soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dish, multiple backgrounds, and more. The studio has been completely renovated and stocked with a bed, sofa, chairs, Hollywood makeup mirror, private dressing room, bathroom, mini fridge, convenient parking, and everything else you and your clients may need to enjoy your visit.

The photo studio, located in Roswell, GA is in a safe area with low traffic. Privacy was critical in selecting the location; the doors and windows have been tinted to keep your sessions out of public view and to ensure your client feels safe and loose during your session. The studio is also near beautiful outdoor locations in case you're looking for an indoor-outdoor shoot.

Upon request I can personally be there for your shooting and assist you with any questions you may have regarding the equipment, settings or shooting ideas.

Studio Address


425 E. Crossville Rd. Suite 105, Roswell, GA 30075


(404) 452-9263

Studio Rental Rates

$45 / hour (minimum 2 hours) including all studio lights, equipment, props and assistant if you need.

Please click here to inquire about availability.

Photo Studio Space
Photo Studio Boudoir Bed
Photo Studio Lights and Background
Photo Studio Hollywood Mirror
Photo Studio Waiting Area
Studio - Sofa
Photo Studio Entrance
Studio Prop
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